Lease Purchase

Our purchase program is designed for you to succeed. We have a proven track record of success with our lease to purchase contractors. We have an excellent maintenance program for the 2015 Cascadia Freightliner. All May Trucking Company Shop PM services at zero cost for the first 2 years of lease.

Lease Program:

  • $1.00 base compensation per mile plus open ended fuel surcharge
  • Aggressive Fuel Surcharge Program
  • Contractors base compensation rate will be increased by one half cent ($0.005) per mile every six months (6). These scheduled increases will end at such time as contractor’s base compensation rate reaches one dollar and five cents ($1.05) per mile
  • Carrier / contractor loading / unloading fee: Any dispatch from zero up to 125 miles pays a flat fee of $145.00, not including a fuel surcharge
  • Detention compensation
  • Hand load or hand unload is compensated at $75.00 per load
  • Compensation for multiple pickups and drops is $30.00 after the first pickup and drop
  • Compensated loaded or empty miles
  • Customer paid lumpers
  • Available warranty program
  • No forced dispatch
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Weekly settlements